1,380 Horsepower Nissan GT-R NISMO Eats World Records For Breakfast


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After nine years on the market, the name of the Nissan GT-R alone is potent enough to humble the deities of most religions. Crank that up to the 600 horsepower GT-R NISMO, and you'll bring virtually any archaic pantheon to its knees. Now, the latter has been made even more powerful, and has netted a Guinness World Record, to boot.

What does it take for an already legendary performance car to net such a record? It takes the help of NISMO and GReddy Trust, who tuned the car to 1,380 horsepower. We can't imagine what the torque figures for this car must be (probably some absurd 9,000-digit number), but it propelled the car into a 190 mph, 30 degree drift that netted both the GT-R and driver Masata Kawabata into the record books.

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