Tread Is A Must - Don't Cheat On Your Tires

Tire tread is integral to your vehicle’s operation. Without tread, you wouldn’t have traction when driving, and would be at an increased risk of running into other vehicles.

Many people have been taught to check the length of tire tread with a simple penny. This test, unfortunately, is outdated. It only measures the tread length of 2/32, which is dangerously low to drive on. Rather, you should use a quarter. Insert the quarter into all four of your tires’ tread. If you can’t locate the top of George Washington’s head, that means tread is shorter than 4/32 inches in length. This is in contrast to the average length of brand-new tires, 10/32 inches.

Tread takes water from the roadway and siphons it outside of your vehicles’ way. If it’s not long enough, you could wreck. Let our technicians at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf tell you when it’s time to change your tires.

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