Be Prepared to Get Stuck

If you don't already have a bag of salt, litter, or sand in your vehicle, it is time to grab a bag and throw it in your trunk. You don't want to get stuck and not have some. They make for excellent traction and can help to get you unstuck.

Come see us at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf so that we can get your vehicle winterized as well. It doesn't really matter whether you use litter, sand, or salt, but you want to at least have something in your car.

Litter is a great option and is fairly cheap. It's also easy to find in stores. You can even fill socks and put in your car to keep the windows from fogging up. Sand will also work but can be hard to find, and salt can potentially rust your vehicle so be sure to wash it after you use it near your car.
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