6 Halloween Safety Tips for Waldorf Drivers & Parents

Next week, it will finally be Halloween—the holiday you've been looking forward to ever since the first pumpkin-spice lattes of the season appeared. Whether you're a parents with children going trick-or-treating, or you're heading to a grown-up Halloween party, Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf has a few rules to follow that will keep everyone safer.


  • Turn your headlights on early so masked pedestrians will have an easier time seeing your car coming.
  • Scan sidewalks and yards so you are always aware of any young children who may unexpectedly run into the road.
  • Have a designated driver, call a taxi, or arrange to sleep over if you are going to be drinking at a party.


  • Choose costumes that allow you to see and be seen—avoid masks that impair vision, and incorporate bright, reflective, or glowing elements to your costume.
  • Review street crossing safety rules with kids.
  • Make sure younger children are supervised when trick-or-treating.
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