Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced

It’s easy to forget about the importance of your vehicle’s tires when you’re on the go and the car’s running fine. They are a crucial part of your car’s operation, though, and should be checked at least monthly. It can determine whether or not you maintain control on wet pavement.

When you check your car’s tires, start with a visual inspection by simply walking around the vehicle and looking at the tires. The tread check can be done a couple of ways. Use a quarter, if you have one handy, and place it head down between the treads. You should not be able to see the top of Washington’s head. If you do, it’s time for a replacement. Another method is to look for the wear bars. They’re placed in different locations between the treads. If they are even with the tread, then you should replace your tires immediately.

When you have questions about your vehicle’s tires, stop into Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf and speak with one of your knowledgeable technicians. We’re here to assist you with tire repair or replacement.

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