Brake Systems: What Do Brake Pads Do?

Brake pads are good for up to 36,000 miles in most cases. Some newer cars with less wear and tear may last longer. However, brake pads can last for a long time even when the protective coating has been worn down completely. The brake pad is located between the brake drum and brake shoe. As you brake, the brake shoe clamps down to slow the tire's rotation and eventually stop your car.

There are some indicators to look for if you think your brake pads should be replaced. This includes a grinding sound, screeching, metallic grinding, or if your brake pads have less than a quarter inch left. If you do not replace brake pads, it could lead to trouble with your brake drum so that other parts must be replaced.

As you press down on the brake, you wear away a little bit more protecting coating from the pad. If you are heavy foot, you may have to replace your brake pads earlier. You can check your brake pads at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf.
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