Customizing The Accessories of the Nissan Altima

When you look at the Nissan Altima, there's a little more going on behind the scenes than you first see. Each of the accessories in the vehicle are custom-fit to provide comfort while you're driving in Waldorf. You can roll along the road making a statement with 17-inch alloy wheels.

Everyone can see you coming at night from the ground lighting underneath the Altima. You can turn the lights off by pressing a button on the key fob. The fob also opens the doors of your vehicle without using a handle.

Tires on your vehicle are lit at night as well, making it even easier for other drivers to see you. A rear spoiler and splash guards give a sporty appearance to a family car. Interior accessories include accent lighting with almost two dozen colors available that can be customized at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf. Carpeted floor mats and an organizer in the trunk help in protecting your vehicle against wear and tear.



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