Nissan LEAF: A Full Charge By The Time Your Coffee Is Ready

Owning a Nissan LEAF means that fluctuating oil prices are no longer an issue. You can simply plug this popular compact electric vehicle into an outlet in your home and never worry about prices at the pump again. Let’s check out tis impressive range.

On a full charge, the Nissan LEAF has a range of about 150 miles. This can be extended by using the eco-mode, which assures that your engine is operating in the most efficient way. When your Nissan LEAF needs a charge, you simply plug it into an outlet in your garage and put it on a trickle charge, which will take about 35 hours. There is also a quick charger available that can reduce this time to 7.5 hours and get you on your way by the time your morning coffee is ready.

With superior engineering and design to back it up, it is time you check out the new LEAF at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf.



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