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Save Time by Using our Convenient Online Service Scheduler

Because getting an appointment by phone can sometimes become time-consuming, some people in the area might simply forgo getting their vehicle serviced simply due to the inconvenience. However, with our online service scheduler at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf, you never have to worry about lost time or any type of inconvenience.

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Be Prepared to Get Stuck

If you don't already have a bag of salt, litter, or sand in your vehicle, it is time to grab a bag and throw it in your trunk. You don't want to get stuck and not have some. They make for excellent traction and can help to get you unstuck.

Come see us at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf so that we can get your vehicle winterized as well. It doesn't really matter whether you use litter, sand, or salt, but you want to at least have something in your car.

Litter is a great option and is…
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Tread Is A Must - Don't Cheat On Your Tires

Tire tread is integral to your vehicle’s operation. Without tread, you wouldn’t have traction when driving, and would be at an increased risk of running into other vehicles.

Many people have been taught to check the length of tire tread with a simple penny. This test, unfortunately, is outdated. It only measures the tread length of 2/32, which is dangerously low to drive on. Rather, you should use a quarter. Insert the quarter into all four of your tires’ tread.

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Find your ideal used car today

When you are ready to purchase a vehicle and you are trying to figure out which one you should buy, check out your used options. You are looking for something that gives you all that you need for an enjoyable driving experience, and there is a used option out there that will do that.

Our showroom features a variety of used cars that are perfect for your needs. From sedans to SUVs, we have car options that ha

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Be Mindful of the Total Costs of Your Vehicle

Have you considered the extra costs associated with your new vehicle purchase? Our staff at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf wants you to be aware of these costs. Your total cost of ownership isn't just your monthly payment. You may get an auto loan. You may get a payment book. Your total cost is going to be more than that monthly payment.

You'll need to fork over money for gas each month. It's a good idea to calculate your total miles per month. This should give you an idea of how much you'll spend. You'll also…

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5 Reasons Tire Rotations are Vital in Waldorf

Getting your car over to a service center for tire rotations can benefit you and your vehicle. Here are 5 reasons you want to seriously consider bringing the car into a tire shop, straight from our staff members at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf:

At 2950 Crain Highway, we have several auto bays and can get your vehicle on the lift timely and get you on your way. Plan your visit to have your tires checked out today!

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6 Halloween Safety Tips for Waldorf Drivers & Parents

Next week, it will finally be Halloween—the holiday you've been looking forward to ever since the first pumpkin-spice lattes of the season appeared. Whether you're a parents with children going trick-or-treating, or you're heading to a grown-up Halloween party, Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf has a few rules to follow that will keep everyone safer.


  • Turn your headlights on early so masked pedestrians will have an easier time seeing your car coming.
  • Scan sidewalks and yards so you are always aware of any young children who may unexpectedly run into the road.
  • Have a designated driver…
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