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The Alternator Gives Your Battery A Daily Recharge

Your phone battery or your laptop battery may only last a day or two at most without you having to charge it up. So how does your car battery stay charged for so long without you plugging it in? That is why we here at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf want to be sure that you know the basics of your vehicle's alternator. The alternator is the reason your battery stays charged. As you drive the alternator generates electricity which is used to keep the car battery at full charge. Without it, the battery would quickly run out of power…
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Brake Systems: What Do Brake Pads Do?

Brake pads are good for up to 36,000 miles in most cases. Some newer cars with less wear and tear may last longer. However, brake pads can last for a long time even when the protective coating has been worn down completely. The brake pad is located between the brake drum and brake shoe. As you brake, the brake shoe clamps down to slow the tire's rotation and eventually stop your car.

There are some indicators to look for if you think your brake pads should be replaced. This includes a grinding sound, screeching, metallic grinding, or if…
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Your Vehicle Is Always Better Off With A Full Gas Tank in The Extreme Cold

When it gets cold outside, you want to make sure your vehicle doesn't suffer from those freezing temperatures. One of the best ways you can help it is by keeping your gas tank full. A small thing you might think, but it can make a huge difference. Allow our team at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf to explain more.



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Winter Wiper Blades Work Well in Bad Conditions

The weather is not always going to be good, and there are going to be times when you will have to drive in less than perfect conditions. When you have winter wiper blades in use on your vehicle, you can drive well in bad conditions.

Winter wiper blades are strong enough to keep working when the weather is freezing. While some wiper blades would either stop working or break in cold weather, winter wiper blades keep going. Winter wiper blades are strong enough to deal with all kinds of precipitation, including snow and ice. You can use them to help…
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Save Time by Using our Convenient Online Service Scheduler

Because getting an appointment by phone can sometimes become time-consuming, some people in the area might simply forgo getting their vehicle serviced simply due to the inconvenience. However, with our online service scheduler at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf, you never have to worry about lost time or any type of inconvenience.

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Tread Is A Must - Don't Cheat On Your Tires

Tire tread is integral to your vehicle’s operation. Without tread, you wouldn’t have traction when driving, and would be at an increased risk of running into other vehicles.

Many people have been taught to check the length of tire tread with a simple penny. This test, unfortunately, is outdated. It only measures the tread length of 2/32, which is dangerously low to drive on. Rather, you should use a quarter. Insert the quarter into all four of your tires’ tread.

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Maintain your vehicle and stay one step ahead of the game

Here at Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf we know that our customers have probably, at one point or another, run into less than ideal driving conditions or car trouble during the most inconvenient of times. One sure way to help avoid these kinds of circumstances is by keeping up with routine maintenance.


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Your vehicle's lifespan is easily increased when you pay attention to necessary services, wear and tear and

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