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The Nissan Sentra Can be the Fresh Start You Crave

When people feel the need to get a fresh start, they begin to make changes. Sometimes this involves purging belongings or simply doing things that provide them with a fresh perspective on life. The Nissan Sentra for example, can be your key to starting over.

As you will see in the commercial we've shared below, the award-winning Sentra is a great way to change things up as you experience the road like never before. It's spacious interior and innovative technology will get you excited for every driving opportunity that comes your way.


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Why the 2015 Nissan Sentra is so cool, calm, composed

If you assume that the smaller the car, the quieter the ride, you're going to be sorely disappointed. There are plenty of vehicles out there that carry an engine too big for such a compact car to hold, so the vehicle shakes as you're trying to gun it down the highway. And at red lights, well ... just don't fill your coffee cup too full.

The engineers at Nissan seem to have gotten…

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